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Mission Statement

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Committed to assisting at–risk youth with career goals through education and vocational training.

Thank you for visiting our website. The Sandré R. Swanson Youth Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation established to assist at–risk youth located in urban communities in California. The Foundation’s mission and programs serve to ensure that our youth live and lead healthy lifestyles so that they can reach their full academic, professional and social potential. With the generous support of our contributors, we will continue our work to assist with college scholarships, vocational education, internships and job placement opportunities for these deserving youth. A young persons life experience matters to us. If they have had a troubled and difficult past and are now moving their life in a new positive direction, they are eligible for our assistance.

We worked to expand our network of relationships with organizations dedicated to the welfare and education of at–risk youth.

Our mission is to ensure:

Thank you in advance for your participation!